Edward D. Cohen is currently a technical consultant in all aspects of the web coating process. In addition, he is Technical Consultant for the Association of Industrial Metallizers Coaters and Laminators


He retired in December 1998 from E.I. DuPont de Nemours after 35 years in various technical positions.  His most recent position was DuPont Fellow in DuPont Central Research & Development at the Experimental Station in Wilmington, Delaware.  He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Delaware and a B.S.Ch.E. from Tufts University.


In his 35 years as a technical professional at DuPont, he worked in both R&D and Manufacturing in DuPont CR&D Imaging Systems, Photopolymer and Electronic Products and Photo Products.  He was also involved in technical projects for several coating related businesses.  His technical interests include coating process development and scale-up, laboratory and pilot plant coating processes, coating application and drying of thin films, polyester base development, film defect mechanisms and image analysis techniques for characterizing coating films.  He has also been active in professional development and innovation activities for scientists and engineers.


He has many publications and is co-editor and co-author of three books on coating technology.  He was Founding President of the International Society of Coating Science and Technology and is currently treasurer.  He was chair of the 1992 International Symposium of Coating Science & Technology.  He chaired the education committee and was a member of the Coating Process Flows advisory committee for the Center for Interfacial Engineering at the University of Minnesota from 1989-98.


He also teaches continuing education courses for The Association of International Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators.  He is Consulting Technical Editor for Converting Quarterly





                        University of Delaware, Newark, Del.

                        Ph.D., May 1964

                        Major: Physical Chemistry, Radiation chemistry

                        Minor: Organic Chemistry


                        Tufts University, Medford, Mass,

                        B.S.Ch.E., June 1958

                        Major: Chemical Engineering




1999-present    President, Edward D. Cohen Consulting Services, Inc.

Technical Consultant, Association of Industrial Metallizers, Coaters  and Laminators


1992 to 1999   DuPont Fellow, DuPont, Central Science & Engineering, Experimental Station Wilmington Delaware.  Responsible for organizing company wide coating technology center.  Consulted on wide variety of coating and drying technology problems of films within DuPont and for their customers.  Responsible for a wide variety of multi-disciplinary programs and interactions with academia, government laboratories and vendors


1984 to 1992   Senior Research Fellow, DuPont P&EP, Parlin, NJ

Developed new drying technology that led to the building of several new high productivity facilities.  Worked with teams to scale-up products on these facilities.  Organized first sector professional excellence committee.  Organized first company wide coating technology Symposium.


1978 to 1984   Research Fellow, DuPont  P&EP, Parlin, NJ


1976 to 1978   Senior Research Associate, DuPont Photo Products, Parlin, NJ


1975 to 1976   Senior Research Associate, DuPont Photo Products, Brevard, NC       


1967 to 1974   Research Associate. DuPont Photo Products, Parlin, NJ


1967 to 1971   Senior Research Chemist, DuPont Photo Products Parlin, NJ


1964 to 1967   Research Chemist, DuPont, Photo Products, Parlin, NJ





Received the John A. Tallmadge Award for Contribution to Coating Technology in September 2000, sponsored by the American institute of Chemical Engineers, Eastman Kodak Company, and the International Society of Coating Science and Technology.


Received the AIMCAL Presidentís Award in recognition of Meritorious Service to AIMCAL and the Converting Industry, March 2003.





International Society of Coating Science and Technology

Founding President of new technical society for Academic and Industrial scientists specializing in coating process technology. 1996-2002. Currently treasurer


American Institute of Chemical Engineers

Chair group 1K Planning Committee, 1992-present.  Chair 6th Coating Process Science and Technology Symposium, Session chair various meetings


American Chemical Society

Chaired and held various offices in local section


Center for Interfacial Engineering, University of Minnesota.

Developed several collaborative programs between University and Industry. Member Coating Process Technical Advisory Committee. 1989-98.  Past chair Educational Advisory Committee


Organize and teaches continuing education courses on coating/drying technology for International Society of Coating Science and Technology, Association of Industrial Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators, American Institute of Chemical Engineers and Univ. of Minnesota





Coating Technology


Developed several coating application techniques and coating compositions for a wide variety of precision coated products, medical X-ray films, graphic arts films, polyester films, specialty products and photopolymer films.  Active in all phases of coating process, hardware development, laboratory scale and commercial production. Defined and eliminated a wide range of coating defect for DuPont  coated products and many of their customers.



Drying Technology


Developed understanding and mechanism of drying process for photographic films which has led to low drying defects in x-ray and photographic films at high drying rates.  Developed and implemented concept of high rate long floater dryers for photographic and other coated films.  Technology applied to wide variety of products



Image Analysis and Computer Applications


Developed unique low cost digital image analysis system, which has wide applicability in characterizing coated film properties.  Initiated programs, which led to wide usage of personal computer technology in R&D and Manufacturing.




Developed and implemented concept for DuPont company-wide Corporate Coating Technology Center.  Organized first DuPont Corporate Coating Technology Symposium.

Organized and maintained coating technology network in DuPont.


Litigation Support


Have been expert witness in several coating technology based suits.



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